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Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
8 page letter with a unique envelope,
in excellent condition.

Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill
A wonderful caricature of Churchill
as Prime Minister
in 1940. He has
“questioningly” autographed the piece.


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Robert Fulton
Robert Fulton
Robert Fulton’s own copy of the
memoradum between himself and
James Monroe, Secretary of War,
regarding the War of 1812, and the use of
Fulton’s steamboats by US troops.
Extremely rare!

John Armstrong

John Armstrong

Armstrong was a major general in the
American Revolution. This autographed letter
is very significant. As a General in the
French & Indian War he reported back on
a situation where a Delaware Indian
man & boy were killed at their wigwam.


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Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
The limited edition of TR’s
The Winning of the West
in four volumes, limited to 200 copies
and containing a full page of
TR’s own hand-written manuscript
used in the preparation of this book.

Susan B Anthony
Susan B Anthony
Insightful Autograph Letter Signed,
“Susan B. Anthony” on imprinted,
National Women Suffrage Association stationery.

James Madison
James Madison
This detailed letter was written after
James Madison left the Presidential office
and makes reference to Benjamin Franklin,
a prominent founder of the
United States of America.


Dolley Madison

Dolley Madison
A note written by the former first lady
recalling a toast her husband James Madison
had made for the young United States
on July 4th, 1798.

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